Position Classification: Part Time - 28 Hours per week
Purpose of the Job: The Visual & Media Arts Assistant is a support person responsible in assisting the Visual & Media Arts Coordinator in the planning, implementation and administration of the Visual & Media Arts program, including Arts on the Move in conjunction with arts councils throughout Saskatchewan and in contributing to the organizational development of OSAC as a member-based, provincial arts organization.
General Summary of the Job: Arts on the Move, OSAC’s touring program, provides Saskatchewan communities with visual & media arts exhibitions accompanied by educational materials designed to complement the Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum. OSAC exhibitions tour up to 24 communities for 3 years. Exhibitions are mounted from applications to the Arts on the Move program, adjudications held throughout the province, from public and corporate collections and from partnering institutions. The program area is also responsible for working with member arts councils to provide a range of support services, including program grants, and Local Adjudications. To accomplish this, the position of Visual & Media Arts Assistant Coordinator must assist with the development and implementation of the program to meet the emerging needs of arts councils and their communities.
Core Tasks and Duties/Performance Expectations/Results:
The Visual & Media Arts Assistant Coordinator is responsible for:
Arts of the Move:
Assisting Visual & Media Arts Coordinator by preparing exhibitions for touring through:
• Handling, photographing, packing and crating artworks for the touring exhibitions
• Development of exhibition kits, education packages and exhibition interactive activities
• Develop promotional materials (media releases, invitations, posters), exhibition support materials (care and handling and packing instructions)
• Coordination of shipping
• Prepare mailings to arts councils
• Correspond with arts councils and visual artists
• Assist with coordinating the Visual Arts exhibition during the annual conference, Showcase
Development of Arts Councils:
• Identifying needs of arts councils to aid in program development/planning for OSAC Visual & Media Arts Program.
• Assisting with the delivery of the Visual Arts Program Grant.
• Responding to requests from arts councils for visual arts information and assistance
• Participating in the annual Showcase conference and assisting with visual arts workshops and the visual arts showcase.
OSAC Organizational Development:
• Assisting with the development of the visual arts program of OSAC including identifying new directions and/or revisions to existing directions.
• Participating in the OSAC Strategic Planning Sessions and presenting information on the status/direction of OSAC’s Visual Arts Program.
• Under the direction of the Executive Director, assisting with specific OSAC-wide activities that contribute to the development of OSAC and aids in the achievement of the strategic plan.
• Ensuring records for the Visual & Media Arts Program (schedules; exhibition statistics and costs) are maintained and available for use in annual reports and grant/sponsorship submissions.
• Handling of general payments and invoicing.
• Drafting written correspondence.
• Participation in various planning and staff meetings held throughout the year.
• Promoting and representing OSAC Visual & Media Arts Programs at relevant events.
• Maintaining contacts in the visual arts community in Saskatchewan and Canada.
• Performing other duties as assigned by the Visual & Media Arts Coordinator and the Executive Director.
The skills/knowledge for this position would likely be obtained through completion of post-secondary education in fine arts at a university level. Experience specific to visual art exhibitions and developing education packages for diverse audiences is required as is experience and knowledge in touring exhibitions. The position requires some physical work when handling crates and art work.
• Experience in art handling and exhibition installation procedures.
• Preparation experience in creating packing support materials.
• Experience in photographing artworks.
• Ability to do some heavy lifting.
• Comfortable using power tools to build and / or make adjustments to crates used to ship exhibitions.
• Comfortable using spray paint and alkyd paint which is used occasionally.
• High degree of proficiency in MS Office Suite and Photoshop. Familiarity with Access
Databases is an asset.
As a member-based organization, the position also requires an individual with:
• Excellent skills in organization and planning in order to work in a dynamic and changing environment
• Commitment to being a team player and working to meet team goals
• Ability to manage conflict and work to facilitate consensus
• Ability to communicate and work with members to meet their needs is essential.
• Ability to convey, listen to and interpret sensitive and complex information and opinions of diverse audiences with clarity, conciseness and professionalism, in both verbal and written contexts.
• Willingness to share areas of competence with others and willing to coach and encourage the meaningful contribution of others both within and external to the organization.
• Ability to show personal leadership within the position, through setting priorities, and meeting timelines consistently
• Strategic thinking/problem solving skills and the ability to anticipate upcoming opportunities and challenges, determine required outcomes and use innovative approaches to develop supportive systems and processes
• Willingness to participate in the ongoing change process required of an organization that values the cultural community.
Description of Working Conditions: The position is part-time (28 hours per week).
Travel outside of Regina is generally not required; some overnight travel may be required depending on current activities. Participation in delivery of Showcase will require being away from Regina in years when the event is held in Saskatoon.
At times, attending OSAC board meetings to present specific information may require out of town travel.
The position works closely with the Visual & Media Arts Coordinator in the successful delivery of the Visual & Media Arts program.
The operating environment of a member-based, provincial organization is such that staff may be required to work extra hours to meet the need of the members. While staff needs to be flexible in their work schedules, OSAC is committed to providing appropriate time-in-lieu and/or compensation.
Ability to physically lift and move, packing crates and art work is required.
Supervision: The Visual and Media Arts Assistant reports directly to the Visual & Media Arts Coordinator.
Reporting may involve face-to-face meetings, phone and emailing, as well as written reports. The Executive Director & Visual and Media Arts Coordinator will decide on the scope of authority of the position in making decisions independent of other stakeholders. However the degree of independence in planning the work of the position is high.
Remuneration: OSAC offers a competitive salary structure, 4 weeks of annual vacation – pro rated to 80% of Full Time, a Medical / Dental and Pension plan and a positive work environment.
Application Deadline: Please submit cover letter and resume by 4:30pm (SK Time) on Monday January 29nd by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.